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Auctions and sales are held in our Burnley salerooms

The Walton family have been involved in auctioneering in Burnley and East Lancashire district since the early 1930's when James Walton was first employed at Hudson & Kidners Bull Street Auction Sales Rooms. When he then commenced business on his own in 1947, he was appointed Agent for The Board of Trades Official Receiver in Bankruptcy and the firm has continued that appointment to the present time. This involves the disposal of assets and property of all types for The Insolvency Service, Trustees in Bankruptcy and Receivers. Liquidators of limited companies also are clients and we hold Auctions on our own premises or on site as required.

In sole charge of the business is Edward J. Walton, who has over 30 years experience in the business. We have a small, reliable staff who will be pleased to serve you and assist in any enquiry. Unlike other firms of auctioneers, the firm has a separate Clients Bank Account to protect Clients Funds.

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No matter how good systems and administration are, it is only with good presentation, pleasant staffing and a good sense of humour that any auction room can attract a regular clientele to buy the lots offered to the public. Lets hope that we can continue along those lines originally set by James Walton those many years ago!!!